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Why Join MILA?.

The Midwest Independent Lodging Association is a not-for-profit membership organization that serves lodging organizations in a variety of roles. MILA focuses its resources on the compliance needs of its members. The scope of benefits includes, but are not limited to the following broadly defined functions:

  • Advancing the support and resources available to properties.
  • Facilitating interchange of expertise and experience among Lodging members and suppliers.
  • Advocating the values of ethical and reliable support.
  • Assisting and being a conduit with regulating and enforcement agencies of its members.

Mission Statement

MILA exists to ensure Independent and Franchised Lodging Owners, Operators & Investors have professional, relevant and valuable support and resources.

Core Values


We are committed to serving the profession of Lodging Owners. We are flexible and innovative in our effort to be the preferred source of quality support, education, information and resources making both our members and their properties a success.


We foster a high standard of ethics, honesty, trust, and respect in all that we do.


We seek out diversity in membership, governance leaders, process, ideas and relationships.


We foster a sense of community and friendship…both for its own sake and because it allows us to leverage our individual strengths. It grows best through active participation.

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