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The Midwest Independent Lodging Association (MILA) is a new supporting organization that aims to help independent and franchised lodging operators thrive.

Incorporated in 2013 and launched in 2014, MILA is a Regional organization focused on independent hotel owners’ concerns, including tackling state and federal regulations. The goal is not to compete with the global network of chain hotels, but to provide the Owners, Investors and Management companies the tools to be successful. Because independent hoteliers’ problems are unique and not supported from larger chains, MILA’s main objective is to help hotel owners who lack the resources and budgets. The MILA Board is made up of Lodging professionals in all areas of management, education, legal & compliance. For a complete list of the board and their respective bio’s “CLICK HERE”.

MILA’s long-term goals includes a Certification program, a Regional Conference and Trade Show and an online and collaborative Resource Library to address every aspect of local, state & federal compliance support.


The Executive Director Kelly Jones-Swenson is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) which she earned through the national organization ASAE. In addition, she holds a professional designation where she earned through the US Chamber of Commerce “Institute of Management” (IOM) program where she graduated from Villanova University School of Business in July of 2014. Both the CAE & the IOM professional designations identify individuals who have the highest degree of education in Non-Profit Management.

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